Friday Night Flash

Rhetoric Askew’s Friday Night Flash Fiction


A rather new free event, held by the FaceBook group Rhetoric Askew, brings us to this weeks “Friday Night Flash”! The word limit is held to 500 words maximum, and a flash fiction or poem is acceptable.

This weeks event will be judged by Mandy Melanson, with the assistance from Terri VonFeldt. The winner(s) will be announced April 5th and will have their story or poem posted on the Rhetoric Askew Website along with a brief bio, picture, and contact information such as website or FaceBook pages, etc.

Not only is this a great way to practice your writing by being presented a somewhat random story requirement for free, you get to meet new people and possibly get a bit more publicity if your story or poem is selected.

You should never give up on your dreams. There are so many people in the world telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, and being negative. This is your life and you should live it by doing what makes you happy not everyone else.

As Always,

B. W. Martin

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Stacy Overby’s Hearing Voices

No. I’m not talking about literal voices. What I am referring to are the different voices we refer to in writing. There are two specific voices, and a few notes on style, to consider. The first is character voice, and the second is author voice. Then there is author style and editing problems to consider. …

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The Weightless One written by Anais Chartschenko

Anais Chartschenko has numerous talents, and one of them has been brought to life once again in her most recent book release, “The Weightless One”! The newest of her book collection has already received multiple 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Below you can find various links to Anais’s talents, as well as excerpts from “The Weightless One” below.


Find “The Weightless One” at Amazon and Goodreads now!


Anaïs Chartschenko hails from the Canadian wilderness. She has come to enjoy such modern things as electric tea kettles. Her published works include two collections of poetry, Bright Needles and The Whisper Collector as well as a novel in verse, The Weightless One. You can find Anais’s talents throughout the internet:

Excerpts from “The Weightless One”

Reasons I Have To Stay

 I was signed in,

I have no choice.

They tell me

My heart is failing.

They tell me

When you starve

Long enough, your body

Starts to eat your muscles.

Your heart is a muscle. It becomes

Your unwilling dinner.

They show me charts with

Low iron, low this and low that.

They tell me I need to take this


But it doesn’t seem real.

All that is real is my sudden

Total lack of control, total

Forced surrender, it feels

So broken it can never be


I can’t agree to any of these

Things. Not even when I

Feel my heart forget a beat.

Not even when I’m hooked

To machines.


Reasons I Should Get To Leave

I don’t count calories.

I don’t weigh myself.

I don’t obsess over models.

I don’t exercise.

I don’t take laxatives or


I don’t make myself

Throw up.

I don’t care what you think.

I think for myself.

I’m not this, I still have

My period.



Little Fish

We lay in a tight row

Like sardines,

Wrapped tight in

Blankets and thick

Fuzzy pajamas

Getting our blood

Pressure checked

Lay down, and close

My eyes to the other

Girls’ gossip, they

Try to include me,

But I have nothing

To say in the morning

This is a strange torment,

Laying so close to the others

Trapped between laughter

And the talk of having to

Drink ensures or not,

Of having to go to an

Increased nutrition plan,

Of family therapy sessions

Coming at the end of the




Kara began

Pulling out

Her hair


Bundles of

Blonde lay

On the floor,

Her lion mane

Alopecia found

“I’m sick of

 The lies!”  She

Twisted her

Face up her

Hands knotted

In hair

“Where did this

Come from?

I didn’t grow it!”

We watched

In horror

We watched

Unable to

Look away

From her


Underneath she

Was so small

Like a fragile glass


Her features too

Large for her head

Her hair was only

A few inches long

Thin dirty dishwater

Blonde strands like

Weeds dried out

In the sun

She smiled

She laughed

She burrowed

Her face in

Borrowed hair



Monday Morning Mashup

Rhetoric Askew

MoNdAy’S are the worst! At RA we love to fight the beginning of the week blues, so we challenge our members to the Monday Morning Mashup.

The featured image inspired some pretty great, if slightly askew, results.

Samantha Beardon

“The first day of the rest of our lives, we have escaped our demons. Oh, darling, I didn’t think this day would ever come.” May hugs her lover Hugh as they alight from their taxi outside the hotel in Paris.
“I know darling, we are going to have an amazing time. Let’s get to the hotel and get started on our honeymoon without the wedding!”
“What an idyllic spot Hugh, a step from the river Seine, the Notre Dame in view, such a romantic setting.”
The porter steps, and picks up the cases, leading the way through the marble and gilt foyer to the reception desk. He places the cases on…

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Curves and Lines of Grand Designs: A Beginning of Sorts-Guest Post by Sam Christopher

Rhetoric Askew

Sam Christopher was asked to provide his insight on successful scriptwriting, this is his reply:

This is, apparently, never going to be a place where you can find great grammar tips, or fantastically brilliant advice on the nuts and bolts of scriptwriting. Or any kind of writing. I’ve actually tried to think of a way to do that that’s entertaining and informative and… Well, I can do it. I just can’t do it better than other places you can find it on the web. I can tell you about books to read, but I’ve only read a couple myself. I tried to read a few others but they put me to sleep. Of the few I’ve read, my favorite is The Art of Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski, which is pretty dated, having been written in the ’90s, but is still interesting. Beyond that, the three others I can think…

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