Pics by Pix


Paintings from Pics by Pix

Taking his art to the next level, Dragon Crest Designs is proud to display the most recent paintings from Pics by Pix. Feel free to view their most recent work, purchase a piece that you like, or even request your own custom piece through the form.

Pics by Pix has expanded their, talents, and capabilities to cover more surfaces than just traditional painting. As they are sold, they will be marked as such but will remain on the site to be viewed for a short period of time. If you would like your name or the charity that you purchased the art for to be viewed with the painting please let us know.

The paintings that are still available for purchasing will have a “purchase” button connected to PayPal, the dollar amount will be visible both on the site as well as on the PayPal purchase page. PayPal is a secured site for online purchases and all sales will be done through them, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

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