The Lens Between Wishes and Fact

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Friday Night Flash

Friday’s are full of Askew fun and creativity at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook. We challenged our members with an image prompt full of heroes and flames ablaze. Here is what our talented Askew authors came up with. Emma T. Gitani: I welcomed one to our family. My daughter, a bride. Home, family and happiness are […]

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Blessing or a Curse?

Ask any author what’s stopping them from writing more novels, novellas, short stories, or poetry, and you’ll get a wide assortment of answers! Here are some of the most common answers: I have to work a day job to pay the bills while I’m building up my author platform. I don’t have the money to…

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Taser your Writing Muse-Guest Post by Cindy Tomamichel

Be Askew. Be Inspired.

Writer’s block is something often mentioned when a group of writers gets together. How do you fix it? How do you deal with the menace of the blank page? Has your Muse abandoned you?

Well, firstly writer’s block is just a temporary inability to write. It may feel horrible, but it’s not leprosy. So get away from the chair of angst and go fill up your creative bucket with some experiences. Get out and listen to people talking, take a long walk and really look at the scenery, talk to trees and mutter to yourself. Find a new insect and follow it home. Pat stray dogs and cats and smile at people. Do some charity or volunteer work and reconnect with the world. Go to the library and pick up three random books and read them. Make something- bake a cake, do something with your hands like gardening, craft or brush the…

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