Style vs Substance

Rhetoric Askew

“So much style without substance, so much stuff without style”

My writing partner and I went to see Logan– great film, much better than any of the last several X-Men flicks to be churned out– and were struck by the the sheer awfulness of the trailers that attended it.

There’s something called Life that appears to be a cross between Alien and an old episode of the original Outer Limits, and even steals the font for the title sequence from Alien. Then, of course, there’s an actual Alien… Thing… that looks pretty much just like the original Alien, which was an original and terrifying film… 40 years ago! There was also Kong: Skull Island, War for the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Ghost in the Shell– and probably one or two others I can’t remember.

Now, I’m not saying that none of these will be…

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