Anthology Askew Volume 001

Anthology Askew Volume 001

The Collective Perspective

anthology askew.jpg

The Collective Perspective is the inaugural anthology of authors, artists and poets brought to you by Rhetoric Askew. This eclectic mix of styles, genres and talents is sure to hold something for everyone. From fantasy, science fiction and folklore to drama, romance and mystery, our Authors Askew will make you laugh, weep, shudder and think – but in the end you will come away glad you had the experience. Join us for a trip through the skewed imaginings and unique voices of some of today’s best undiscovered talent.

You can find the anthology by clicking on the following location links:

Paperback on Amazon or Smashwords and Goodreads

You can also become part of Rhetoric Askew’s Facebook community or go to the website by following the links below.

Rhetoric Askew Facebook Community or Rhetoric Askew Website

Always remember that an honest review of an Authors, or in this case several, is the greatest and easiest thing that a reader can do.


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