SciFan Magazine Thunderclap


Join the SciFan Magazine’s Thunderclap

Although the oppression by Amazon is still having lingering effects, SciFan™ Magazine intends to make a roaring return! Come join our Rising from the Ashes themed Release Party on January 28th for our second issue! Make sure you click on the “Going” button so that you recieve a reminder. You can also pick up a copy of January’s issue if you haven’t already for only 99 cents here: And you can pre-order your copy of February’s issue for only 99 cents here:

Join the Thunderclap for SciFan Magazine, with a simple click here! No purchase is necessary, simply select your choice of FaceBook, Twitter, or Tumbler and you are good to go. A message will automatically be generated on your platform of choice on January 28 at 1:00PM EST.

“#SciFan Magazine is celebrating our return after #Amazon oppression. Come join us for games, giveaways & prizes!” –

Richard M. Mulder


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